S & A - Engagement Session

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

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Meeting a couple for the first time is sometimes kind of awkward. It's sort of like a blind date and often after booking, there isn't a lot of communication between the photographer and the bride and groom until their date gets closer. This is where engagement sessions become a staple in most relationships for the couple and their photographer.

Every couple we have captured so far this year has been nothing short of amazing. Meet Suzannah, Andrew and Henry. We traveled up to Blackduck, Minnesota to their gorgeous farm yesterday evening. We were greeted by Henry's amazing cheeks and smile..........he's the nine month old. Suzannah and Andrew looked absolutely great. The day was super sunny with high winds and patches of dandelions everywhere.

We took a stroll over to "Lover's Lane" and captured some amazing images of this very beautiful family and their farm. Suzannah is going to be a stunning Bride to say the least, Andrew will definitely be a handsome Groom and Henry..................let's just say we'll keep you all in suspense until we capture their Wedding in August!