GRYBA - Storm vs Red Wings

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Patiently Waiting.........

The Grand Rapids Youth Baseball Association's first game day was held May 13th at Gunn Park in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. It was a cool evening and this was the first time the teams took to the field for the 2019 baseball season.

For some players this was their first time playing baseball and others having a year or two of experience under their belts. Some strangers, some friends, some nervous, some determined, some anxious, some unsure but all are ready to play and win. This is the Farm League. A group of young boys and girls no long hitting off of a tee but now swinging at a pitch.

It will be awesome to see how these athletes become shaped and molded by one of America's favorite all time sports. They will grow not just by the sport itself but also the comradery with their teammates.