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Every Wedding is unique not just by colors, rings or decor but also location.


Where do you envision saying

"I do"? 

Planning a Destination Wedding

Couples have many reasons why they choose to plan a destination wedding. An intimate moment that was shared in an unforgettable place is hard to resist as a backdrop while vowing your love for one another. Maybe the thought of a large wedding with 200+ guests isn't appealing but a little tropical beach surrounded by immediate family and friends sounds perfect. Or maybe.......jet setting off to the Belize to tie the knot has always been the plan.

A few things to ask yourself:

1. Why do I want a destination wedding?

2. Where is the destination and what type of scenery do I desire (Beach, Country, Forest, etc.)?

3. What time of the year do I want to get married and what's the weather like at my destination?

5. Should I hire local vendors (Caterer, Florist, etc.)?

6. Do I have to pay for my Bridal Party/Guests to travel?

If you have the "why" answered, then let's cover questions 2 and 3. It's important to research the destination you desire for a couple of reasons. First, you want to research your destination's climate. Weather plays a major role in weddings and can shift rather quickly. My husband had never been to Beartooth Pass, which is situated between the northeast entrance to Yellowstone and Montana. I convinced him to take this route on June 29th, 2017 and at the base of the pass it was a gorgeous summer day. As we made our way to the Top of the World store, a blizzard had begun......yes......blizzard.....whiteout road conditions. After white knuckling it down the pass with our 4 little ones in the car, all I heard was "Never again.". Of course Wyoming and Montana are just 2 of a vast array of destinations to choose from but knowing ahead of time what to expect will make your decisions much easier. If you have the ability to travel to your chosen destination before your wedding, we suggest doing so. Second, selecting a date early gives your guests and bridal party the opportunity to decide if they can attend. Allow your guests and bridal party about 8 months or more to plan especially if passports are needed. It also gives them time to work with their employer and make financial preparations.

Now let's talk about questions 4 and 5. A lot of couples hire a wedding planner for their destination wedding because it requires a little more work than planning locally. Hiring a wedding planner who resides in or near your destination can help you with a few challenges that may arise such as a language barrier, how to obtain a marriage license, securing catering, florists and of course the venue. Again, if you are able to visit your destination before your wedding day we recommend doing so as this will allow you to meet some of the vendors. 

There are many pluses to hiring local vendors too. A lot of vendors offer to travel especially photographers and videographers because they can bring their equipment with them anywhere. Hiring locally gives you the opportunity to meet face to face when needed and the travel fees might be more affordable than you realize. Hiring a local photographer will give you the advantage of getting to know them, their style and maybe even do an engagement session.

For most destination weddings, guests are usually responsible for their own travel as if they were taking a trip. Setting up a room block at the local hotel/resort to get a group rate can help with cutting costs. It is also nice because your guests will be in one place. If you are able to, helping your guests with the costs of travel or their room is wonderful but definitely not required. The biggest obligation is to be upfront with your guests on all of the costs they will need to cover before they accept your invitation. While at your destination, it is common to plan one group activity so everyone can hangout and enjoy settling in before the big day. This gives your guests the opportunity to experience the destination you love so factor the group activity into your budget. It can be sampling the local cuisine, tickets to a park in the area (example: Xel Ha in Cancun, Mexico) and the list goes on........

What does CH Photography 6 Offer for Destination Weddings?

We have been very blessed to travel and photograph many parts of Canada, the US and Mexico. When it comes to traveling to a destination wedding, we take care of all of our travel arrangements but will have you secure a room for us in your block of rooms. We try to be at the destination 2 days before your wedding day and 2 days after. During our first two days, we will scout out beautiful backdrops for wedding portraits and photograph the rehearsal if requested. The day after the wedding we schedule a romantic, creative session. 

CH Photography 6 Wedding Collections Include:

*A minimum of 8 hours of Creative, Photographing Time.

*An Engagement Session.

*A Handcrafted Wedding Artbook

*An Online Gallery with Professionally Edited Images

To request a quote for your Destination Wedding, contact us below.


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